Hey Buddy

30 new projects fly to Asian Animation Summit

Fresh toon concepts from across Asia-Pacific, including Hey Buddy (pictured) from Thailand, will debut at the annual pitching event in Seoul next month.
October 5, 2018

Thirty of the best animated concepts from Korea, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, China and New Zealand are set to be presented at the seventh-annual Asian Animation Summit, taking place from November 28 to 30 in Seoul, South Korea.

The new projects will be pitched live to an audience of buyers/investors at the event, which is designed to help producers finding co-production partners and financing within Asia-Pacific and beyond.

This year’s projects are as follows:

Astropods                                             Mechanic Animation (New Zealand)
Bearabbit Beibei                                 Moyu Animation (China)
The Curious World of Linda               Taktoon Enterprise (Korea)
ECO ROBOT                                        4th CREATIVE PARTY (Korea)
The Gumnuts                                       Gibbs TV (Australia)
Headsetmonster                                 Screamtuner Creative Studio (Indonesia)
Hero Circle                                           Studio TNT (Korea)
Hey Buddy                                           Big Brain Studios (Thailand)
Kystar                                                   Loco Co. (Korea)
Mighty JazzMonkeys                         Raksasa Raksa Productions (Malaysia)
Millie Stone & Boone                         Kumata Studio (Indonesia)
Mixy Mixy Bam                                  Big Bunker Studio (Malaysia)
The Mushies                                        B.A.S.E. Studio (Indonesia)
NanoRangers                                      Popcorn Pictures (Korea)
No.23 Niu Nai Tang                           Dison Golden Bridge Cultural Media (China)
Nursery Rhyme Time                         Songs with Simon (Australia)
Omega Joe and Jimmy Delta           POW Studios (New Zealand)
Poggo Cat!                                          Poggo Animation (Malaysia)
Rawr ‘n’ Roll                                        Studio Rawr Pictures (Malaysia)
Sea of Love                                          The Monk Studios (Thailand)
Shuke & Beita                                     The Pipilu Company (China)
Skate Ninjas                                       Armchair Productions (Australia)
Space Patrol                                       Seoul Pictures (Korea)
Storm Warriors                                      NAVY (Korea)
Tiger Bayu                                          Viva Fantasia Animation (Indonesia)
Titus                                                     MNC Animation (Indonesia)
Vegesaurs                                           Cheeky Little Media (Australia)
Wakalulu                                             Castle Production (Indonesia)
Zaurbies                                              Human Farm VFX Studio (Thailand)

Roughly 250 attendees are expected to be at AAS, where each project will be pitched in a moderated live Q&A during the three-day event.

Roughly 50% of projects that have debuted at past AAS events have since gone into production, including Bluey (2017), Bottersnikes & Gumbles (2012), Kuu Kuu Harajuku (2013), Wonderballs (2012) and Balloon Baynard (2014). Last year’s event welcomed Indonesian projects for the first time, catching the eye of Karen Miller, who at the time was Disney’s VP of programming strategy and is now Universal Kids’ SVP of content.

AAS is owned and produced by Kidscreen, with support of hosting partner KOCCA (Korea); presenting partner BEKRAF (Indonesia); and supporting partners Create NSW, Screen Queensland (Australia), MDEC (Malaysia), DITP (Thailand), ASIFA China and Wellington Animation Group (New Zealand). More information, including images of each AAS 2018 project, can be found online.

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