D360 picks up rights to 19 kids titles

The distributor has added 15 series from Toronto's Skyship Entertainment to its library, as well as several from parentco marblemedia.
September 24, 2018

Distribution360 has added 19 new shows to its portfolio ahead of MIPCOM next month, including 15 animated series from Toronto’s Skyship Entertainment.

The distribution arm of marblemedia will now manage the global broadcast and SVOD rights (excluding mainland China and Japan) to Skyship series such as Super Simple Songs (150 x one to four minutes, pictured), Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic (12 x six minutes) and Milo’s Monster School VLOG (26 x four to seven minutes).

Other Skyship titles joining the D360 library include Turn and Learn ABCs (26 x three to four minutes), Treetop Family (12 x five to seven minutes), The Super Simple Show (52 x 11 minutes), The Bumble Nums (13 x four to five minutes), Super Simple Draw (26 x four to seven minutes), Super Simple ABCs – Phonics Fun (36 x one to two minutes), Sing Along with Tobee (26 x three to six minutes), Pratfall (26 x 30 seconds), Pit Stop (16 x four to six minutes), Paper Puppet Playhouse (13 x one to 11 minutes), Finley’s Factory (15 x two to three minutes) and Carl’s Car Wash (12 x four to six minutes).

D360 has also added marblemedia’s Super Mighty Makers (26 x 11 minutes), Holy Baloney (10 x 2.5 minutes) and the second season of Just Like Mom and Dad (22 x 30 minutes), along with Bristow Global Media’s It’s My Party (13 x 22 minutes), as previously announced.

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