Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z kicks off new sneaker line

Toei Animation is launching a range of running shoes with Adidas Originals, inspired by its anime property.
August 30, 2018

LA’s Toei Animation is partnering with Adidas Originals to launch a new running shoe line inspired by its anime property Dragon Ball Z. The collab will showcase three fan-favorite battles, with seven different Adidas Originals silhouettes representing different heroes and villains from the series.

Son Goku, for example, will be featured on the ZX 500 RM sneaker, while villain Freiza decks out the Yung-1. The line will also include characters like Son Gohan, Cell, Vegeta, Majin Buu and Shenron the Dragon.

The first two hero and villain silhouettes are due out in September, with a new pair hitting shelves each month through to December. The range will have DBZ-themed packaging that integrates to display a single design when all of the sneaker boxes are combined.

Last year’s follow-up series Dragon Ball Super debuted on Cartoon Network in Latin America, followed by launches in Japan, Europe and the US. The show picks up where the finale of Dragon Ball Z left off nearly 20 years ago.

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