Pokemon GO partners with SuperAwesome on parental controls

Niantic Kids, powered by the kids safety techco, is coming to the popular AR mobile app to help monitor children's privacy.
August 16, 2018

Pokemon GO is partnering with SuperAwesome to launch the Niantic Kids Parents Portal in its next update. Powered by the kids safety techco, SuperAwesome, the platform allows parents to control their child’s personal information shared in the game, including players who use the Pokemon Trainer Club to access the app. Once registered with the the portal, parents can log in to manage their child’s privacy and to review and approve their children’s permissions before playing.

The function has been developed with Super Awesome’s Kids Web Services, a service that is kidSAFE Seal- and ESRB Privacy-certified. The portal is built specifically to ensure digital privacy for children following COPPA and GDPR-K guidelines.

This safety feature comes after years of dispute about the safety of the free iOS and Android hit game that uses the clock and GPS of a user’s phone to detect location and show Pokémon creatures as they appear using augmented reality. Players try to catch the creatures as they come across Pokéstops and Gyms, moving users through the real world.

The agreement comes as a recent survey by PCMag found that 75% of US parents say that are worried about their child’s online safety. Of these parents, 51% identify as harboring significant or major anxiety about it.

In another step to keep kids safe online, SuperAwesome recently launched a new PopJam video player as an alternative to YouTube. It’s designed for kids and family publishers in a zero-data environment that’s COPPA- and GDPR-K-compliant so no personal data about children will be collected.

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