FanWraps jumps on My Singing Monsters licensing

Canadian multimedia companies Big Blue Bubble, Skybound and Wind Sun Sky have signed a deal with the graphics company for a line based on the gaming app.
August 13, 2018

In partnership with Canadian multimedia companies Big Blue Bubble and Skybound Entertainment, Wind Sun Sky has signed a licensing agreement with graphics and accessory company FanWraps for gaming app My Singing Monsters.

FanWraps will be creating a line of automotive products, home decor, collectibles and electronic accessories based on the video game franchise that will debut later this year online and through select retailers. The deal was brokered by the franchise’s licensing agency, Alita’s Brand Bar.

The free-to-play, family-friendly game allows players to breed, feed and raise an orchestra of lovable singing monsters. Each monster has its own unique sound, so players can mix and match monsters to create different melodies. The game is available in the App Store and Google Play Store and has amassed more than 70 million players worldwide. It is created and produced by Big Blue Bubble with Skybound and Wind Sun Sky turning the franchise into an animated series entitled Those Singing Monsters.

Several other video game franchises are jumping on the merchandise bandwagon right now, including mega-hit Fortnite, which has recently signed deals with Moose Toys, McFarlane Toys, Spirit Halloween and Spencer’s for a raft of consumer products.


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