SuperAwesome launches YouTube alternative

The kidtech company has released the zero-data, embeddable and customizable PopJam video player for kids and family publishers.
July 27, 2018

UK-based SuperAwesome has released the PopJam video player, designed specifically as an alternative to YouTube and the YouTube kids app, which continues to struggle with issues around inappropriate video content targeting children.

The new video player is built for kids and family publishers in a zero-data environment that’s compliant with COPPA and GDPR-K so no personal data about children will be captured. It is available as part of the PopJam Connect platform, which provides tools for brand and content owners to create kid-safe social engagement. The video player also offers kid-safe monetization options that do not collect data and can be customized by the publisher, including a self-serve dashboard to create, schedule and report video and social content.

Social plugins online are some of the biggest harvesters of a child’s personal data, often unintentionally, according to SuperAwesome. Every time a child loads a web page or app that has a social widget aimed at adults, that page begins gathering data and personal information about the user.

Currently YouTube is the default video player for many family and kids content publishers and brands, but there is growing discontent in the community following the news last year that inappropriate videos were sneaking their way through the app’s filters. Following these issues YouTube enlisted 10,000 workers to moderate inappropriate content across the platform. The YouTube Kids app also made moves to improve parental controls, including letting parents handpick every video and channel that their children can watch in the app.

SuperAwesome has also been working to improve the YouTube environment, launching the SafeFam program to educate YouTubers (and their parents) on how to churn out the best content aimed at kids. The company’s suite of kidtech products are used by brands like Mattel, DreamWorks, Penguin and Hasbro. It reaches more than 300 million kids per month across mobile, web and online video.

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