Skyrocket Toys launches plush take on wearable tech

Skyrocket Toys is taking on the wearable tech trend with its furry and fashion-focused Pomsies range.
July 25, 2018

Pomsies, the new interactive collectibles range from Los Angeles-based Skyrocket Toys, is a plush take on the wearable tech trend.

The brand’s first line features six fuzzy kitten creatures, each boasting a tail that can twist and lock around wrists, belt loops or backpacks. The range is inspired by the trend of pom-poms found on purses, jackets and keychains.

“Pom-poms are a huge fashion trend for girls and women right now, and Pomsies really takes its lead from that,” says John Ardell, EVP of marketing for Skyrocket Toys. “As opposed to a toy that you can wear while you’re playing with it, the Pomsies brand was really born out of the fashion-first perspective. The products are incredibly portable and meant to be brought along with you wherever you go.”

Pomsies react to touch with 50 different sounds, such as purring when they’re stroked, or laughing when they’re tickled on the tops of their heads. Additionally, their eyes light up in different colors depending on what they need from their owners. For example, if the creature’s eyes turn purple, that might mean it needs food. By touching a sensor near its mouth, kids can feed their furry friend and make it happy.

Aimed at kids four and older, the Pomsies range launched at US$14.99 through Walmart and Walmart.com in the US and Canada on July 1. The range will be available at additional retailers, including Amazon and Target, beginning August 1.

“It’s a very strong price point, so we see kids looking to collect all of the different characters,” Ardell says. “It’s an easy off-Christmas sell, which is also why it’s doing so well now—that price point can be justified any month of the year.”

The Pomsies range is launching hot on the heels of the newest Fingerlings line from Canadian toyco WowWee. Called Untamed, this new line of wearable, interactive velociraptors joined previous Fingerlings lineups, which include monkeys, sloths and unicorns. Unlike WowWee’s interactive collectibles range, however, Pomsies are plush. And based on a strong response from consumers following the range’s debut online, Skyrocket Toys plans to launch additional Pomsies lines featuring different fuzzy creatures in October.

“Like anything in the toy industry, if something’s working, people are looking to jump on board,” says Ardell. “Because Fingerlings is working and Pomsies is working, people will be looking at ways to get in on the wearables trend. We’re certainly exploring new ways to approach the category.”

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