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Disney & Moose Toys partner on Doorables

The toyco is opening the door on a new collaboration with its Disney Doorables collectible range, set to launch globally in August.
July 23, 2018

When one door closes, sometimes a bunch of other, smaller doors open. At least, that’s the way Australian toyco Moose Toys sees it.

In partnership with Disney, Moose Toys is launching the Disney Doorables collectibles range. These playsets and one-inch figures feature 12 different Disney properties, including Frozen, Zootopia and Tangled. Disney Doorables focuses on discovery, with both the playsets and packaging featuring doors that open to reveal a surprise.

“We were looking for licensing opportunities, because it’s something we haven’t done before,” says Corey Roman, VP of marketing and strategy for Moose Toys. “It’s this really creative way for kids and collectors to engage with Disney properties in a whole new way.”

In fact, it’s letting Disney properties engage with each other in a whole new way. The playsets—which range in price from US$8 to US$30—all work together to create a larger structure, stacking both vertically and horizontally.
“You can also take features from different playsets to mix and match,” Roman says. “You can take the roof off one playset and add it to another. They range in size, so you can combine them in different ways to create this Disney World apartment complex.”

A number of the playsets are organized according to franchise, with an exclusive, matching character included in each set. Within the unboxing process, however, a secondary character (not necessarily franchise-matching) is also revealed, and the collectible figures work within all of the playsets.

Disney Doorables will launch globally in August at key retail partners Amazon, Target, Walmart, Five Below and Meijer. Beginning in October, the line will be available through all major retailers worldwide. Disney Doorables primarily targets girls ages six to eight, but Roman says boys, gift-givers and collectors are key demographics as well.

Also set to bow in August is new content from Disney inspired by the collectibles range. The animated webisodes will feature the stylized look of the Disney Doorables figures and will expand on the characters’ personalities and stories.
“What Disney really excels at is content and character creation, and here at Moose we’re known for taking products to the next level. So this partnership has really pulled the best out of both companies,” Roman says. “We’ve had so much fun working with these iconic characters.”

The partnership with Disney comes as Moose Toys continues to expand with new collections. In June, the company launched its new surprise plush range Scruff-a-Luvs, which sees kids transform a matted ball of fur into an animal by washing and drying it. And last year, Moose Toys debuted craft offering Oonies. Each kit includes pellets that are inflated into bubble-like Oonies, which stick together without water or glue and can then be brought to life with accessories.
Now, inspired by Moose Toys’ partnership with Disney, Roman says the doors opening on new and unexpected opportunities for the toyco are endless. “That’s the key—that every time you open a door, there’s a surprise there.”

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