UK study finds two-thirds of toddlers use tablets

According to new research from The Insights People, under-twos are becoming more tech-savvy with tablets, but parents are limiting their screen time.
July 6, 2018

UK-based market intel company The Insights People has found that nearly two-thirds of children under the age of two are allowed to use tablets, but more than half of parents (63%) are limiting their kids’ tablet time to less than half an hour a day.

After researching 2,500 parents in the UK for its Parents Insights Q2 report, the study also revealed that one in five babies can unlock a smart device unaided, and a third can open apps themselves.

While parents surveyed are okay with their kids’ first device being a tablet, just 17% say they would let one of their children use social media before the legal age of 13.

In terms of what kids ages two to four are choosing to do on their tablets, games are the most popular activity (24%), followed by YouTube (18%) and apps (12%).

The survey also found that parents are becoming more reliant on the internet to solve parental challenges. In fact, 81% of parents turn to websites to provide information on parenting, while just two-thirds say they still use their friends and family to provide answers to parenting dilemmas. However, younger parents under 25 were more likely to turn to family for advice.

Parents Insights’ latest study follows The Insights People’s recent Kids Insights report on the varying spending and saving habits of UK kids ages four to 18.

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