Moose Toys uncovers collectibles line Treasure X

The toyco’s new collectible action figure range focuses on buried treasure and features multiple layers of unboxing.
July 4, 2018

Australian toyco Moose Toys has launched its new collectibles property, Treasure X.

The range features 24 action figures and 30 different treasures incased in a brick of “sand.” Treasure X boasts a multi-layered unboxing process that sees kids dig for and assemble the action figures, before pouring water into a wooden chest to reveal treasure, some of which is gold-plated.

Altogether, each brick in the range features 10 layers of unboxing as well as an excavator tool and a treasure map that serves as both an instruction manual and collector’s guide.

Treasure X is currently on sale at in the US and through Smyths in the UK. The range will hit shelves around the world in August for US$9.99.

The launch follows one month after Moose Toys’ hit collectibles brand Shopkins launched its tenth season, Mini Packs. The Mini Packs range features classic Shopkins characters from the brand’s first three seasons, packaged in collectible, miniature versions of real-life supermarket items.

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