4K Media bolsters its retro portfolio

4K Media will work with its parent company, Konami Digital Entertainment, to manage the iconic gaming properties Bomberman, Contra and Frogger (pictured).
June 4, 2018

New York-based 4K Media is expanding its portfolio with new deals to manage the Konami gaming franchises Bomberman, Contra and Frogger. The brand management and production company will bring out new licensing programs and multiplatform content for the iconic video game properties.

To develop the brands and increase fan engagement, 4K will work with Konami Digital Entertainment to develop a wide-reaching strategy that includes licensing, promotion and cross-media content for the titles.

All three properties have a long history in the gaming world dating back to the 8-bit era, with Frogger being introduced in 1981, and Contra and Bomberman launching in 1987. Bomberman, however, recently got a new life when Nintendo re-released the NES classic console with the property included, and later revamped the title for 2017′s Nintendo Switch release with an update titled Super Bomberman R.

Founded in 2006, Konami Digital Entertainment is the core company of Konami Group and develops content for mobile, console and card games including its franchises Pro Evolution Soccer, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania and Contra. 4K Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of Konami Digital Entertainment.

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