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The NPD Group creates US Kids License Tracker

The research firm's new suite of consumer insights will provide data on US licensed purchases in nearly 20 categories.
April 18, 2018

Market research firm The NPD Group has launched a new US Kids License Tracker that will gather consumer insights on licensed products specifically aimed at kids under the age of 14. NPD metrics will value a license as anything related to cartoons, games, movies or fictional characters, famous personalities or groups (band/celebrity) and sports teams.

Consumer purchase behavior will be tracked in 17 categories, including apps and in-app purchases, arts and crafts, baby gear, books, clothing, consumer electronics/accessories, DVD/Blu-ray and digital (movies, TV shows), fashion accessories, home products (excluding furniture), party supplies/costumes, sporting goods, toys/puzzles, and gaming.

Insights provided by the service include purchase methods and occasions, pricing, items both purchased and requested, and the demographic profiles of both buyers and children. Monthly data will be aggregated and released on a quarterly basis.

The cross-industry coverage intends to provide key insights to help retailers and licensors identify new opportunities and become more strategic in their marketing and development efforts.

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