Global studios claim Chi-Chi

Toonz Media Group, Neon Creation and Backbone Entertainment will co-produce a new upper-preschool series entitled Chi-Chi: The Apprentice Sorceress.
April 11, 2018

India’s Toonz Media Group, Korea-based Neon Creation and Malaysian prodco Backbone Entertainment have entered into a co-pro agreement for Chi-Chi: The Apprentice Sorceress, a new 52 x 11-minute CGI comedy/fantasy expected to be completed by mid-2019.

Aimed at kids ages four to six, Chi-Chi: The Apprentice Sorceress is based on a pop-up book of the same name. The series follows a young girl learning to cast spells and brew potions, and will include themes of friendship, teamwork and community spirit.

Neon Creation and Toonz Media Group will handle pre-production, while post-production will be done entirely by Toonz. All three studios will share animation production responsibilities.

Chi-Chi: The Apprentice Sorceress will be distributed in Korea, Greater China and Thailand by Neon Creation, while Backbone Entertainment will handle sales in Malaysia. The show will be distributed in all other global territories by Toonz Media-owned Imira Entertainment.

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