Nick’s SlimeZone launches in IMAX VR centers

Nickelodeon has joined forces with IMAX to launch its first multi-player virtual reality experience.
March 12, 2018

Nickelodeon has partnered with IMAX Corporation to launch SlimeZone, the kidsnet’s first multi-player virtual reality experience that lets kids watch cartoons, play games and slime their friends inside a branded VR world.

Created by the Nickelodeon Entertainment Lab, SlimeZone is exclusively available at IMAX VR Centers in L.A., New York and Toronto. The VR experience will also debut in Shanghai, Bangkok and Manchester.

SlimeZone lets users choose an avatar, blast their friends with Nick’s famous green slime, create art projects using glitter and paint, play games, and watch classic Nickelodeon cartoons. Non-VR players can also participate in the experience through SlimeZone’s spectator mode, which allows them to fly a virtual drone around the VR world and slime players.

The initiative is among the first to emerge from Nick’s year-old Entertainment Lab, which focuses on long-range research and development of emerging technologies. In addition to VR, the Lab also experiments with mixed-reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Further expanding its VR reach, Nickelodeon recently invested in location-based VR startup Dreamscape Immersive. Along with its undisclosed financial commitment, Nick will work with the L.A. company to produce a family-focused VR experience inspired by its IPs.

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