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Nick’s Sunny Day inspires Make It Real kits

Activity kits focused on hair, make-up and jewelry will be available at US retailers this fall.
March 1, 2018

US toymaker Make It Real is launching a new range of activity kits based on Nickelodeon’s animated preschool series Sunny Day.

Slated to hit US mass-market shelves this fall, the range includes activity kits focused on hair, make-up, jewelry and nail designs for girls ages five and up.

Sunny Day follows a salon-owning entrepreneur who helps her friends solve everyday challenges. Developed and produced by Silvergate Media, the toon bowed on Nickelodeon last August. As the kidsnet readies for the show’s second season premiere later this year, Walmart will roll out Mattel’s Sunny Day toy line beginning in May. (The range includes basic and deluxe dolls, accessories, plush, role play and play sets.)

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