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Kids social views dominated by Masha and the Bear

Data from Tubular Labs shows Masha and the Bear, POPS Kids and LittleBabyBum dominated global kids' digital viewing time across YouTube and Facebook last month.
February 23, 2018

According to the latest data from California-based Tubular Labs, which provides online video intelligence to more than 170 brands and media companies, Masha and the Bear (pictured) led the list of the top global media and entertainment company creators in the kids space last month, with more than 394 million views on YouTube. (Tubular Labs tracks and analyzes data from more than eight million video publishers, three billion videos and the habits of more than 400 million viewers.)

Masha’s rise is a jump from the 387 million views the brand garnered on YouTube in December 2017. POPS Kids generated more than 389 million views on YouTube in January, followed by LittleBabyBum (302 million), Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs (260 million), toyorbabytv (181 million), Peppa Pig (133 million) and Cartoon Network UK (130 million).

The top 10 was rounded out by Blippi, which boasted more than 120 million YouTube views, along with Nickelodeon and Videogyan 3D Rhymes – Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs, both of which had more than 114 million views on the platform.

And while children under the age of 13 are legally restricted from using Facebook, Tubular Labs also tracks video views on the social network for a number of kid-centric content creators. In January, POPS Kids took the top spot with more than 4 million views on Facebook (up from second place in December 2017).

A full picture of Tubular Labs’ January data can be seen below:

Tubula- January
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