9 Story, GO-N brewing up Bewitched remake

The animated TV series based on the classic supernatural sitcom will be aimed at kids ages six to 11 and their parents.
February 7, 2018

Toronto’s 9 Story Media Group and Paris, France-based GO-N Productions are teaming up to develop and co-produce an animated remake of the classic live-action series Bewitched.

Targeting a co-viewing audience, the new 22-minute toon is aimed at kids ages six to 11 and their parents. Under the deal, 9 Story and GO-N will jointly control worldwide distribution, while 9 Story will control the majority of the merchandising and licensing rights for the property.

The original Bewitched (pictured) aired on ABC in the US from 1964 to 1972. It starred Elizabeth Montgomery as a witch married to an ordinary mortal and revolved around how her supernatural abilities would get in the way of her efforts to live a magic-free life. It has since inspired several spinoff series and a movie adaptation.

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