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Inside Discovery’s new spark plug

The brand-new Discovery #Mindblown IP will feature toys, games, apps, apparel, publishing and live events rooted in STEM.
February 5, 2018

Discovery Consumer Products is ready to turn heads with its new STEM-centric brand, Discovery #Mindblown. The Mindblown hashtag was originally created for on-air promotion for Discovery’s Science Channel, and will now represent the gender-neutral brand with a focus on science, technology, engineering and math.

Slated to roll out globally at retail this fall, the #Mindblown product line will include toys, games, apps, apparel and live events. California-based MerchSource has been tapped as global master toy partner, and the products are designed to sharpen problem-solving abilities and critical thinking among kids ages six to 12, while also sparking their intellectual curiosity.

The brand also includes a line of books—STEM Stars—which is currently available through Target. (Two of the initial titles are STEM Stars Women Who Rocked Space and STEM Stars Women Who Rocked Medicine.)

“We feel very passionately that this is something for boys and girls,” says Leigh Anne Brodsky, EVP of Discovery Global Enterprises at Discovery Communications. “I think it’s a real feather in our cap that the #Mindblown brand is very gender-neutral and inclusive. It’s about the curiosity all kids have, and the focus on STEM is really something that we believe in very deeply. It’s at our core as a company.”

The #Mindblown brand is inspired by Discovery’s programming, including content from Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Science Channel. The IP is also supported by Discovery Education’s in-school digital curriculum in an effort to ensure the STEM-based products and experiences are as educational as they are entertaining. “Families, and especially Millennial parents, are looking for something that has meaning and value,” Brodsky says. “We’re delivering that not only through the products themselves, but also through the experiential aspect of the brand. The digital components of Discovery #Mindblown are going to be an important part of what we deliver, so that when the products hit the shelves, we’ll also have a number of other touch points where the kids and their parents can see the products come to life.”

There are plans for an app, as well as for short-form content based on the brand. Additionally, #Mindblown will include in-store activities and live events, some of which will feature the stars of Discovery shows like Mythbusters and Street Science.

“We’re utilizing some of our talent, where appropriate,” Brodsky says. “It’s really important that this be fun, that the STEM aspects are tantalizing to kids, and that it doesn’t feel like green vegetables. So that’s why we’re really leaning into the use of the casts of some of our shows, and referencing those shows in some of the products and certainly in some of the in-store activities that we’ll be providing. We want our product, and the experience, to be truly mind-blowing.”

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