The Day Henry Met..? China

The preschool series from Irish animation company Wiggleywoo has been picked up by Jetsen Huashi TV’s new on-demand venture.
November 29, 2017

Irish animation company Wiggleywoo’s preschool series The Day Henry Met..? is heading to China, following a digital distribution deal with media broadcasting company Jetsen Huashi TV. The series is distributed by Monster Entertainment.

Jetsen Huashi has picked up the series for its new kids-centric on-demand venture. Jetsen’s distribution channels include IPTV and digital TV channels in 33 provinces across China, and it is also a content partner for mobile operators in the territory including China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. Jesten Huashi Kids, meanwhile, exclusively distributes more than 200 titles including Pocoyo, Castro & Lisa, Paddington, Ernest & Celestine, Polo and Mysterious Cities of Gold. 

The Day Henry Met..? (26 x five minutes) follows a young boy as he tries to learn more about the world around him. Since its debut, the toon has been picked up by broadcasters in 178 countries including RTE Ireland, Canal Plus (French-speaking Europe, Africa and Caribbean), ABC (Australia), YLE (Finland), Eesti (Estonia), RUV (Iceland), RAI (Italy), Kids TV (Korea), Galapagos (Poland), SVT (Sweden) and TFOUMAX (France).

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