China’s CCTV steps onto Sesame Street

Live from New York: CCTV Children’s Channel is partnering with Sesame Workshop to co-produce segments showcasing Chinese New Year traditions, customs and stories.
November 29, 2017

For the first time ever, China’s national broadcaster China Central Television Children’s Channel (CCTV Children’s Channel) will visit the Sesame Street set in New York to shoot segments for its annual Spring Festival special. CCTV is partnering with Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational media organization behind Sesame Street, to co-produce a special showcasing Chinese New Year traditions, customs and stories.

Last year, Cookie Monster, Elmo and Lily visited CCTV hosts in Singapore to learn about Spring Festival celebrations outside of China. In fact, Sesame Street‘s friendly Muppets have been partnering with the hosts of CCTV Children’s Channel to teach kids about Chinese New Year since 2014. The relationship between Sesame Workshop and CCTV first began 35 years ago, with the televised Big Bird in China special.

While Sesame Workshop looks to strengthen its global ties, the organization continues to build on its partnerships in the US. Earlier this year, Sesame Workshop extended its agreement with SeaWorld Entertainment to launch a second Sesame Place theme park, which will open its doors in 2021. The deal also extends SeaWorld’s status as Sesame Workshop’s exclusive theme park partner in the US through December 2031.

These initiatives come as Sesame begins to lay the foundation for its 50th anniversary, which takes place in 2019.

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