Spin Master unveils Hatchimals Surprise line

The Surprise line features a new egg as well as a hatching process that reveals not one, but two colorful creatures.
October 6, 2017

Toronto, Canada-based toy and entertainment company Spin Master is launching Hatchimals Surprise, the newest iteration of its hit Hatchimals brand. The big surprise is that inside each egg is not one, but two curious creatures.

The twins boast unique personalities; one twin loves to move while the other repeats whatever you say. Like the original Hatchimals line, the creatures grow from baby to toddler to kid, and learn new things at each stage. Eventually the twins will dance, sing, tell jokes, play games and even bicker.

In addition to introducing twins, the Surprise line features new eggs, new species (including Giravens, Zuffins, Puppadees, Deerioles, Ligulls and Peacats) and a new hatching process. Once the first Hatchimal has pushed its way out of the egg, you lift its twin out and watch them interact.

The new line was announced today, on the second annual Hatchimals Day, and is currently available at major retailers and through Spin Master’s website for US$69.99. The original Hatchimals line was introduced last October and went on to be one of the biggest toys of 2016. Following the brand’s launch, Spin Master’s Q3 revenue rose by 22.8% to US$475 million.

More recently, the company reported its highest recorded revenue and EBITDA for Q2 2017, posting revenue of US$276.7 million (up 54% from the same period last year).

Since its launch, the Hatchimals brand has expanded into the collectibles category with its Hatchimals Colleggtibles line and into publishing with an agreement with Penguin Random House Children’s UK. Altogether, the toyco has inked deals with more than 25 new licensing partners in categories spanning apparel, beauty, food and health, home and stationery.

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