Zuru rolls out LEGO-compatible tape in the US

The maker of popular toy brand Bunch O Balloons has launched its latest line, Mayka Toy Block Tape, at Walmart in the US.
August 30, 2017

Global toy manufacturer Zuru Toys has unfurled its LEGO-compatible adhesive block tape brand Mayka at Walmart in the US, and will roll the product out at Toys “R” Us and Target next month.

Licensed and rebranded from the original toy block tape and viral sensation Nimuno Loops, Mayka’s bendable surface is compatible with LEGO bricks, Kreo and all other leading toy block brands to transform any surface into a base for toy building blocks, figures and accessories.

The tape, which is available in nine colors and three sizes ranging in price from US$6.99 to US$14.99, is made of high-grade, reusable, adhesive non-toxic silicon that is non-marking and can be cut to any size.

Nimuno Loops initially launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, where it raised more than US$1.6 million from 40,000 backers in a month. Zuru subsequently secured an exclusive, worldwide licensing agreement with Chrome Cherry Design Studios to manufacture, distribute and market the product.

The company now expects to ship more than 3.2 million feet of Mayka tape worldwide in the next two months.

The US launch will be supported by a full-scale marketing campaign across TV, social media and online, where a @MaykaWorld YouTube channel will feature films, influencer content and stop-motion creator stories.

Here’s a peek at how the product works:

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