Clangers moves from TV to radio

Ten episodes from the first season of Coolabi Group's preschool series will start airing on CBeebies Radio June 30.
June 28, 2017

Coolabi Group’s preschool series Clangers will air on daily web-based station CBeebies Radio this summer. Ten episodes from the first TV season will be reworked for radio and released on June 30, airing weekly through to September 1.

The episodes have been adapted from TV by re-recording narrator Michael Palin, so he can impart more details to help kids better visualize the stories from each ep. It will also include the characters’ distinct way of communicating through whistles.

Based on the original series that ran from 1969 and 1972, Clangers was rebooted in June 2015 and a second season is currently in production. It follows Major, Mother, Small, Tiny and Granny Clanger, small pink mouse-like creatures that speak in whistles and eat a lot of soup.

Clangers currently airs on CBeebies in the UK, as well as Sprout and Netflix in the US. The show is co-produced by CBeebies and Smallfilms, with one of the creators of the original series, Peter Firmin, remaining actively involved as executive producer. Daniel Postgate, the son of co-creator Oliver Postgate, also serves as an executive producer.

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