Stop Breathe and Think Childrens App

Stop, Breathe & Think releases kids app

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids gives children a way to identify and process their daily emotions through emoji-based check-ins, games and sticker rewards.
May 9, 2017

Recognizing the importance of empathy-based properties for children, L.A. developer Stop, Breathe & Think has launched a kids version of its popular mindfulness and emotional awareness app.

Available for free on the Apple App Store for kids ages five to 10, Stop Breathe & Think Kids provides a fun way for kids to connect with and process their daily emotions through emoji-based check-ins, games and sticker rewards.

Once kids check-in by picking emoji that match their feelings, the app recommends 16 mindful missions that can help them deal with sleep, over-excitement, stress, sadness and caring. Guided interactive activities within, the customized missions include Butterfly Body Scan, Imaginary Hugs & Peaceful Place, Shake it Up and Counting Breaths. The app also features parental tips for app navigation and short animated videos that let kids engage with original characters and themes such as Quiet, Focus, Caring and Connecting and Sleep.

Since Julie Campistron and Jamie Price co-founded Stop, Breathe & Think in 2015, the company’s self-titled app for grown-ups has become a top-rated release with more than 2.6 million organic downloads, over 230,000 monthly active users and seven┬ámillion emotional check-ins to date.

Following its goal of making emotional wellness as accessible and daily as physical exercise, the company developed its kids app in collaboration with activity-based mindfulness expert and author of The Mindful Child and Mindful Games, Susan Kaiser Greenland.

Plans are now in the works to offer a premium iOS subscription service with all-new activities, the ability to create multiple accounts, additional rewards and mindfulness bundle packages for both adults and kids.

As a product of kindness- and compassion-based org Tools for Peace (TFP), which teaches concrete skill development for at-risk youth and adults, Stop, Breathe & Think shares 10% of its net revenues with the non-profit. The launch of Stop, Breathe & Think Kids follows other empathy-minded releases such as Tinybop’s Me app.

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