GoldieBlox, Random House launch chapter books

The new titles based on the GoldieBlox brand are part of the multimedia company’s plan to expand into additional products and play experiences.
May 2, 2017

GoldieBlox is launching a new series of chapter books as it continues to build its brand beyond STEM-based construction sets. The California multimedia company, along with Random House Children’s Books and its Books for Young Readers imprint, is releasing the first two books in a new series based on its girl-skewing brand.

Goldie Blox Ruins Rules the School and Goldie Blox and the Three Dares focus on the company’s passion for inventing and engineering. They are written by Stacy McAnulty (an engineer known for The Dino Files, Excellent Ed and Beautiful), and are aimed at kids ages six to nine. The next title in the series—GoldieBlox and the Best! Pet! Ever!—will hit shelves in September.

The titles represent the next step in GoldieBlox’s transformation from a toy company to a multimedia brand. In September, the company launched its web series Toy Hackers, which teaches kids to use their toys to make everyday objects. The weekly series is hosted by inventor and YouTube star Simone Giertz and features a group of young female YouTube creators as they solve real-world problems by using their toys to build inventions.

Since its founding in 2012, GoldieBlox has seen more than one million app downloads and one million-plus toys sold across 6,000 major retailers globally.

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