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Sensible Object’s balancing act

Sensible Object is finding sure footing at UK and US specialty retailers for its hybrid digital game Beasts of Balance.
April 11, 2017

Beasts of Balance—a new game from London-based developer Sensible Object—walks the line between traditional physical play and digital elements.

The game requires players to build a tower of beasts on a tabletop, and the pieces are connected to a digital world through iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Specialty pieces cause the beasts in play to evolve in unexpected ways, leading to a new experience with each attempt.

Beasts of Balance is available through retailers in the UK (John Lewis, Harrods) and the US (Marbles: The Brain Store). The game is also available online, along with exclusive pieces that add to gameplay.

One of these specialty pieces is the Omnibeast, which introduces a hybrid creature into the game’s digital world. “There are a whole bunch of interesting things we’re exploring,” says Alex Fleetwood, CEO of Sensible Object.

“Licensing is a very interesting idea for us,” Fleetwood says. “Historically, what we think of with licensing is taking a character from a movie or TV show and applying that to a toy or experience.”

Sensible Object, however, is keen to explore within the world of gaming. Fleetwood says the company is interested in using its technology to help mobile and digital game companies expand their play experience into the physical world.

Looking forward into 2017, Fleetwood says the focus is on expansion. “It’s a game that gets more fun as players come to own more pieces,” Fleetwood says.

“Over the next year, we want to add a ton of new and different pieces into the game world. Maybe we’ll try a jellyfish piece that is soft, and lets you stack towers in a completely different way and creates a really fun digital version of that experience.”

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