Asia-Pacific kids are choosing the internet over TV

The latest report from kid-safe digital ad and content platform TotallyAwesome finds the internet's popularity continues to grow for APAC kids ages six to 14, as does online advertising.
March 28, 2017

Kid-safe digital advertising and content platform TotallyAwesome has revealed findings from its latest APAC Kids Market Insights report that tracks cross-platform media consumption and behavior across the Asia-Pacific region.

Among the key results in the 2016-17 report is the fact that 77% of kids ages six to 14, if given the choice, prefer to use the internet only versus the TV exclusively.

The finding represents an 11% year-on-year increase since the SuperAwesome-founded company began tracking kids’ media consumption patterns in 2015 in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

In terms of media availability, the survey, which included 2,100 kids, found that children are more likely to have access to smartphones rather than TV in five of the seven examined countries. A full 95% of families in the region, in fact, have smartphones at home. But TV, along with smartphones, are kids’ most popular devices for daily usage.

Nearly 60% of APAC kids with access to smartphones and TV use them multiple times per day. The percentage drops to 44% for tablet usage.

As for time spent on the internet versus TV, the average time kids spend online on a normal school day is two hours and 54 minutes—24 more minutes than on TV. Time spent online increases significantly as kids get older with 12- to 14-year-olds devoting nearly three and half hours to the internet per weekday and four and a half hours on weekends.

Six- to eight-year-olds, meanwhile, spend two and a half to three hours online per day.

In addition, the report examined the influence of kids over their parents’ purchases. The survey revealed that more than half of parents say they have bought an item their child wanted after he or she saw it online.

Online advertising also becomes more important as kids age. Twenty-four percent of 12- to 14-year-olds, versus 17% of six- to eight-year-olds, claim to discover new toys through online ads.

When commenting on how brands can get the best return on investment in the region, TotallyAwesome CEO Quan Nguyen says findings from the report suggest that a multi-screen strategy is the best approach.

Headquartered in Singapore with offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia, TotallyAwesome currently reaches more than 100 million monthly active users across desktop, mobile and online video.

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