Skee-Ball digital offshoots roll into play

Zynga, Ocean Media and Running Press Books are taking Bay Tek Games' Skee-Ball arcade brand to new platforms.
January 27, 2017

Wisconsin-based Bay Tek Games is rolling its newly acquired Skee-Ball arcade brand onto digital platforms through a number of licensing agreements.

New partners include Ocean Media (branded interactive Skee-Ball apps for iOS, Android, PS, Mac and Linus), Zynga (online social gaming) and Running Press Books (desktop games). The items will launch later this year.

Skee-Ball was invented and patented in 1908 in New Jersey. The arcade game is played on an inclined lane, and players must roll the balls into holes with varying point values.

Since its inception, Skee-Ball has evolved to become a competitive sport with a number of leagues in North America. To that effect, Bay Tek is partnering with Full Circle United to develop new exclusive Skee-Ball leagues and tournaments across the US. Full Circle will manage the leagues and tournaments under its trademark, Brewskee-Ball.

Dimensional Branding Group (DBG) is the exclusive licensing agency representing Skee-Ball for Bay Tek.

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