Hasbro content is part of Playster’s big growth plans

"We're hoping folks are willing to work with players like us, and not just focus on the big three SVODs," says Playster's content boss on ramping up its content offerings.
January 17, 2017

On-demand entertainment streaming service Playster is expanding its kids offerings in a new agreement with Hasbro Studios that includes animated and live-action series like Transformers Animated, Kaijudo, Clue and various G.I. Joe titles. Aimed at kids ages three to 12, the new content is part of Playster’s plans to skew younger and expand globally.

“A big part of our focus in the year ahead is improving our overall film and TV offering, but a large part of that will be directed towards improving our kids slate specifically,” says Gem Benedict, Playster’s head of content. “A sizeable segment of our subscribers are female and usually have children. Because of that, we have a focus on better serving those users.”

Playster provides unlimited access to music, eBooks, audio books, comics, TV shows, movies and games for a monthly subscription rate ranging from US$3.95 to US$24.95  per month.

The service can be accessed through iOS and Android apps, as well as any web browser, and Playster plans to significantly expand its distributionin 2017.

“We want to be everywhere, and so the plan is for our users and partners to expect us on all major connected devices and smart TVs by the end of this year,” says Benedict.

Because the streaming service has a particularly strong selection of eBooks and audio books, Benedict says there is a focus on finding cross-platform content.

“It makes sense to us to go after IP that has different forms of entertainment across media,” she says. “If you’re a mom playing around on your tablet with your kid, we want a character you love to also be represented across our service so you can stay within Playster.”

Geographically, Playster will continue to expand in North America, Scandinavia and Western Europe, where its strongest subscriber bases reside. The service also hopes to provide more localized content, as it already offers eBooks and audio books in a number of languages.

“We’re hoping folks are willing to work with players like us and not just focus on the big three SVODs,” Benedict says. “We really see ourselves growing and having great value to the consumer, especially as a family space.”

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