Israel’s Hop! Media Group launches new kids channel

The media group is searching for short-form, documentary and educational content to air on the newly launched WIZ channel, aimed at six- to 11-year-olds.
January 16, 2017

Israel’s Hop! Media Group has launched a new children’s channel for kids ages six to 11. WIZ made its debut on satellite platform Yes earlier this month.

The channel, which focuses on science, geography, history and art, is a departure for the media group, which has previously focused on preschool content with its Hop!, Luli and Hop! Israel Childhood channels. In fact, it is intended to be an older-skewing version of the preschool-dedicated Hop! channel.

WIZ is airing primarily acquired content, launching with series like The Deep, Zorro the Chronicles, Mirette Investigates, Odd Squad, The Mystery Files, MathXplosion and One Day One Fact. 

Under the lead of Sharon Moverman, director of acquisitions for Hop! Media Group, the channel is currently looking for additional fare, with a focus on documentary content for kids, as well as animated series that have an educational angle.

Additionally, WIZ is in search of short-form content similar to the edutainment videos that populate YouTube, in order to provide a contrast to traditional half-hour formats. WIZ also plans to produce original content similar to the original shows featured on Hop!

Interested producers/distributors can email Moverman ( for more information.  


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