Italian licensees go wild for The Jungle Bunch

PGS Entertainment has announced new Italian partners for the series in categories spanning toys, apparel and publishing.
December 22, 2016

Paris-based PGS Entertainment has scored a number of new Italian licensing partners for TAT Productions’ The Jungle Bunch.

Brokered by PGS’ Italian agent RAI COM, the agreements are with Giochi Preziozi (toys), Ravensburger (puzzles), Sicem (apparel), Multiprint (arts and crafts), Villa Giocattoli (leisure items), Rai ERI (publishing), La Gazzetta dello Sport (kiosk collection), Gedis (sticker albums), Dolci Preziozi (food), Salati Preziozi (snacks), Walcor (chocolate), Rolly Brush (health), Clean Paper (tissues), Kiwi (mascot), Grani (kiosk activity) and Old Wild West Restaurants (QSR promotion).

Two seasons of The Jungle Bunch—totaling 104 x 11-minute episodes—currently air on Italian national specialty channel Rai Yoyo and Turner-owned Boomerang.

Universal handles the franchise’s DVD rights, and Digital Com runs the series on its SVOD platforms.

Developed with France Televisions and Super RTL, The Jungle Bunch follows the comedic adventures of a group of animal characters. The show’s first season has aired in more than 180 countries.


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