Kidz Bop tapped as official Legoland partner

The kids musical group will create a theme song for Legoland's Florida resort, perform annual concerts at its own theater and make other co-branded content.
December 14, 2016

Kidz Bop has been named the official partner of the Legoland Resort in Florida under a multi-year deal that will see the children’s music brand create a resort theme song, perform annual concerts and make co-branded music videos.

To kick things off, the musical group recently recorded a new original theme song for the park called “The Weekend Whip.” The music video, which will debut on December 30, features brother and sister Lego ninjas Kai and Nya. (Legoland is set to launch its new Lego Ninjago World in January, which Kidz Bop will also promote.)

Meanwhile, Legoland’s main performance venue has been renamed the The Kidz Bop Theater, and the group is writing and producing an original theme song for the site called “Built for Kids.” Additionally, Kidz Bop shot a music video and TV commercial for the Kidz Bop 34 album at the theme park.

The collaboration comes as Kidz Bop continues to climb the music charts. In 2015, the group accounted for 23% of all kids’ music album sales (1.146 million out of 4.989 million), and in 2016 (until November 10) it sold 21.8% of all children’s music in the US, according to Nielsen Music. Kidz Bop also recently partnered with Furby to update its Connect content, as well as with fashion retailer Crazy 8 to launch the first-ever Kidz Bop-inspired fashion line.

The group is not entirely new to the theme park world, either. In 2013, it toured Six Flags to find its next star.

As for Legoland, the partnership follows news of the brand wanting to grow its parks business and expand further using a small-town mentality.

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