Study: 78% of under-12s are tuning into SVODs

DHX and Ipsos surveyed parents in the US, Canada and the UK to understand kids' viewing habits—and what they found was a whole lot of love for SVODs.
November 29, 2016

It’s common knowledge that kids and parents are embracing streamed on-demand content more than ever before, but a new study from DHX Media and Canadian market research firm Ipsos shows just how ubiquitous SVOD services—and YouTube, in particular—have become among kids under the age of 12.

According to a September 2016 survey of 2,700 parents in the US, Canada and the UK, 72% of kids’ daily viewing is from streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix, and 52% of households use SVODs as a primary source of kids’ content consumption. The majority of children (61%) prefer to view content on their tablets, while 40% are turning to their smartphones to watch.

In terms of household access, 78% subscribe to an SVOD service (still 6% less than the number of consumers subscribing to a traditional TV service). And among the content providers, YouTube reigns supreme.

The video-sharing site is the most-loved brand among kids and the most popular source of streamed content. The parents surveyed reported that YouTube’s advertising-supported video on demand (AVOD) service was used for 15% of all streaming viewing, and when premium subscription-supported video on demand services are included, YouTube accounts for 24% of all streaming viewing. Netflix followed with 13% of all streaming viewing.

A whopping 86% of parents say YouTube offers child-appropriate advertising. Given this, the study predicts YouTube ad revenue to swell to US$20 billion by 2020up from US$9 billion last year.

The survey also found parents are comfortable with kids’ changing viewing habits, saying they approve of streaming content in the same vein as traditional TV.




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