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Studio 100 bets big on Arthur and the Minimoys

Studio 100's Christophe Drevet dishes on the EuropaCorp co-pro set to debut in 2018, and a robust CP program that's already taking shape.
November 25, 2016

Germany’s Studio 100 Media is working with Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp on the new comedy/adventure series Arthur and the Minimoys, inspired by Besson’s 2006 film Arthur and the Invisibles. 

While the movie is a mix of live action and CGI animation, the series will be entirely animated. Arthur tells the story of a 10-year-old boy who is shrunk down to miniature size and enters the unseen world inside his grandmother’s garden. Arthur must help his new miniature friends—the Minimoys—as they fight against the evil Maltazard.

Studio 100 has already inked deals with a number of broadcasters, including Lagardère Group (France), Disney Channel (Germany) and Nelonen Media (Finland). The series is set for an early 2018 debut.

In addition to the TV series, Studio 100 is also developing a 20 x 1.5-minute webisode series. All episodes are geared towards kids ages five to 10, though licensing will be directed at boys.

“We’re focusing on boys with action figures and role playing,” says Christophe Drevet, international consumer products director for Studio 100.

Echoing the legend of King Arthur, Arthur and the Minimoys features a magical sword that can only be wielded by the hero, Arthur. As a result, Drevet says, different interpretations of the sword and role play in general will be an important part of the property’s CP program.

The TV series has also made a number of changes and additions to the world first introduced by the film, which Drevet believes will create opportunities for original consumer products.

For example, the show will feature four Sword Defenders, which are large insects with special powers that help Arthur and the Minimoys. Each Sword Defender has a unique personality, Drevet says, and kids will be able to choose a favorite with which they identify.

“We are already in talks about consumer products two years before the premiere, which shows the potential of the series,” he says. “The universe of the show is extremely bright and colorful, and so we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the publishing side.”

Studio 100 Media is actively seeking out licensing partners as it continues to make broadcasting deals.

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