Squeeze’s Cracked moves to mobile

Based on the Canadian animation house’s series Cracked, the new app includes exclusive content and interactive animated books and comic strips.
November 24, 2016

Quebec, Canada-based animation house Squeeze Studio is bringing its series Cracked to tablets and mobile phones. New app Cracked Crazy Stories allows users to explore 52 episodes in a number of formats including animated books and comic strips and linear videos.

The app includes hidden content and special features designed to expand the Cracked universe and features two exclusive episodes.  New content will be released weekly.

Cracked is produced in collaboration with Corus-owned Teletoon and airs on Teletoon’s French and English channels in Canada. The 52 x one-minute 3D animated series has also been snapped up by various Disney, Nickelodeon and Turner networks in more than 175 countries and territories around the world.

The series follows Ed, an anxious ostrich dad, as he tries to keep his eggs safe despite his terrible luck.

Cracked Crazy Stories was developed in collaboration with Quebec-based technological development studio Cortex. The pair has also collaborated on a free endless runner mobile game app inspired by the series.

Currently, Cracked Crazy Stories is only available in Canada and can be purchased in both the Android and Apple app stores.


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