Care Bears star in sign-language app

Launched by Ink & Salt and American Greetings Entertainment, the app is designed to teach children American Sign Language.
November 14, 2016

Washington, D.C.-based prodco Ink & Salt has joined forces with Ohio’s American Greetings Entertainment (AGE) to launch a new learning app entitled ASL with Care Bears.

The free iOS app is designed to help kids learn American Sign Language (ASL) with the help of Care Bears characters like Funshine Bear, Grumpy Bear and Share Bear.

ASL with Care Bears features more than 400 signs and phrases categorized by theme. The app also includes an ASL alphabet chart and a favorites folder that children can access to revisit previous signs. Its videos feature gesture controls, including rewind, pause, play and fast forward, as well as slow motion replay options.

ASL is the fourth most commonly used language in the US, and the app is designed to help children connect with their friends and family in the deaf community.

It is also the latest in a string of learning-based apps based on the Care Bears brand. For example, AGE recently partnered with New York’s Bilingual Children’s Enterprises to develop a mobile game that introduces early learners to Spanish and English. The app was designed to stimulate preschoolers’ language development through videos, games and storybooks.

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