Zodiak Kids Studios gets into vlogging

Zodiak is partnering with Ingrid Selberg Consulting and Emma Young on new live-action, book-based show Girls Can Vlog.
September 23, 2016

Zodiak Kids Studios is partnering with Ingrid Selberg Consulting and Emma Young on a development and production rights deal for a new fiction series about teen vloggers dubbed Girls Can Vlog.

Aimed at aspiring young vloggers, the show follows four friends as they launch their own YouTube channel. Zodiak Kids will own worldwide television distribution rights to the show.

The series was created by Ingrid Selberg and co-developed and authored by Selberg and Emma Young (working under the name Emma Moss).

Girls Can Vlog has a four-book deal for world print and digital rights with Macmillan Children’s Books. The first book in the series was published on April 21, and the second was released September 8. The two remaining titles are scheduled for 2017, and translation rights for the series have been sold in 10 languages.

Another series produced by Zodiak Kids Studios—The Lodge—is premiering today on Disney Channel in the UK and Canada. The series will make its US debut on October 17. The show will be available in more than 100 countries by the end of the year.

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