YouTube Kids launches #TodayILearned campaign

Content from DreamWorks and Rovio, as well as YouTube influencer-curated playlists, are featured in the back-to-school initiative.
September 2, 2016

YouTube Kids is getting into the back-to-school spirit with its month-long #TodayILearned campaign, which will see popular educational YouTube creators like Maddie Moate and Simone Giertz curate playlists to spark curiosity in science and innovation.

Additional content will focus on everything from sports to music, with new content made available through the YouTube Kids app throughout September.

As part of the campaign, shows like DreamWorks TV’s Science Mysteries Revealed and Genius Brands’ Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab will be available to users.

Rovio’s Rocket Science Show, teaching viewers about space with NASA scientists, as well as HotWheels Labs, which explores the science behind driving, will also be available through the #TodayILearned initiative.

#TodayILearned comes hot on the heels of YouTube Kids’ recent #readalong campaign, which used kinetic typography—the art of integrating text with movement—to help motivate kids to read. Nearly 100 pieces of original content from publishers like Simon & Schuster were used in the #readalong campaign.

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