SpacePOP debuts on Kabillion Girls Rule!

The Genius Brands International series has extended its reach with new platforms following its June YouTube channel launch.
August 15, 2016

Genius Brands International’s music-driven tween girls brand SpacePOP has made its way to a number of new screens. The California-based brand manager has signed a new licensing agreement with Kabillion to debut its series SpacePOP on Kabillion Girls Rule!

The deal will see SpacePOP reach more than 50 million US households through outlets including Comcast, Time Warner and Charter. Kabillion Girls Rule!—a subsidiary of the US-based Splash Entertainment—is ranked among the top 10 free kids on-demand TV networks in the US and specifically targets kids ages six to 12.

The series’ August 12 debut on Kabillion coincided with the launch of SpacePOP on Genius Brands’ Kid Genius VOD channel. Through Comcast’s Xfinity On Demand platform, ad-supported Kid Genius is available to approximately 22 million households across the US.

Since launching on YouTube on June 20, SpacePOP has already amassed more than four million views. Two new videos are released each week on YouTube and across additional platforms including Toon Goggles, PopJam and BatteryPOP.

Recently, Genius Brands secured a number of new North American licensees for the SpacePOP brand, including the Madam Alexander Doll Company (dolls), KIDdesigns (tech accessories and electronic toys) and Mad Dog Concepts (loungewear and sleepwear). 

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