Moose Toys launches US$25 3D printer

Shopkins creator Moose Toys is thinking big about 3D printing—and with a small price point to boot.
July 28, 2016

3D printing has been more accessible lately, but not exactly affordable—until now, that is.

Moose Toys, the Australian toyco behind collectibles juggernaut Shopkins, is launching the new US$25 Qixels 3D Maker that creates tangible, pixelated designs.

Hitting US retail next month, the Qixels 3D Maker is an evolution of the Qixels line launched by Moose Toys last year, which allows kids to create their favorite eight-bit style characters with cubes that join together using only water. Qixels 3D Maker takes those designs into the third dimension using the same “layer by layer” water-bonding technology.

The 3D printing industry is being widely used in prosthetics, home construction and medicine. According to Moose Toys, the Qixels 3D Maker is preparing kids to take on the challenges of these fields by sparking their imaginations, as well as improving their dexterity and construction skills.

And while the Qixels 3D Maker’s price point and technology make it unique, it is only the most recent in a long line of 3D printing technology geared towards kids. Last year, Mattel partnered with software design company Autodesk for a series of apps that let kids design their own toys that are then 3D printed. And in 2014, Hasbro teamed up with Shapeways to launch SuperFanArt, a site where selected artists can market and sell 3D creations. 

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