Furby Connect goes online

Hasbro is upgrading Furby with a bluetooth connection that lets users access new audio and video content through the Furby Connect World app.
July 4, 2016

A new member is joining Hasbro’s Furby family.

The digitally integrated Furby Connect toy is designed to be an interactive companion. Content from the new Furby Connect World app is delivered to the Furby Connect through the use of bluetooth technology. Video clips, songs, phrases, global events and more can instantly be made available to these furry additions to the Furby brand through constant bluetooth connectivity with the app.

When new content is available in the app, an LED sensor in the Furby Connect’s antenna will light up. Hasbro is partnering with Kidz Bop and Jukin Media to curate and regularly update Furby Connect’s content.

On its own, the new Furby Connect World app offers an immersive virtual world designed to enhance play by allowing Furby owners to play games together.

Furby Connect reacts to sound, speaks more than 1,000 phrases and expresses emotion through more than 100 animations displayed in its new, full color LCD screen eyes. Multiple sensors throughout the Furby’s body allow it to respond to touch in new ways and enhance its movements.

Targeting kids ages six and up, the Furby Connect will hit US retail outlets this fall. The Furby Connect World app, meanwhile, will be available for download beginning July 7. The Furby Connect is the newest iteration of the talking toy, following Hasbro’s relaunch of the brand in 2012.

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