YouTubers propel PopJam past one million users

Leading YouTube stars like AmyLee33 have helped grow the user base of SuperAwesome-owned social media platform PopJam.
June 29, 2016

With North American and international launch dates pending, UK-based kid-safe social media platform PopJam has surpassed the one million user mark, thanks to recent partnerships with top YouTube stars using the app to deepen their engagement with fans under 13 years old.

YouTubers with recently launched channels on PopJam include Wonder Quest’s Wizard Keen, singer Beckii Cruel, gamer Sqaishey Quack, who has amassed 800,000 subs and more than 150 million views, as well as AmyLee33, one of the UK’s leading children’s storytellers.

Their involvement, according to PopJam parentco SuperAwesome, have helped increase the platform’s reach to more than 30% of kids ages eight to 12 across the UK, who are now spending more than 45 minutes per day on the platform.

Since SuperAwesome acquired PopJam from Mind Candy last September, the company has secured a Nintendo UK channel for the platform and inked collaborations with Turner International and online games portal Poki to bring its kids-safe ads to Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Cartoonito websites in the UK, and to Poki’s 2.3 million users in the US, respectively.

The expansion also comes on the heels of SuperAwesome launching the Kidfluencer YouTube Network, which connects brands through a collection of pre-approved, family-centric video content.

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