Olly goes mainstream in Russia

Olly the Little White Van has been on a roll in Russia, thanks to YouTube, and it's now headed to broadcast TV on kidcasters Karusel and Ani.
May 30, 2016

With more than 75 million Russian-language YouTube video views in tow, Olly the Little White Van is heading to mainstream TV on the country’s kidcasters Karusel and Ani.

Both channels have acquired rights to the first four seasons of the preschool series, which will begin airing in Russia next month.

A consumer products program comprised of toys, books and other merchandising will launch in the region later this year, according to its Moscow-based agent Icon Licensing.

Olly the Little White Van, which airs in more than 40 countries, is currently in production on its sixth season, which will bow in early 2017.

Russia has been on the map for the preschool brand, which has been extending its global reach following the creation of an India-based joint-ventureOlly Animations, from UK-based prodco Ideas at Work and G V Babu last November. The venture was established to boost TV production and investment in the brand’s new media channels worldwide.

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