Jazwares steers new path for Chuggington toys

As master toy licensee, Jazwares is putting more emphasis on imaginative play, and less on track systems, in its new Chuggington range.
May 9, 2016

UK children’s IP specialist Ludorum has tapped Florida-based toyco Jazwares as the new global master toy partner for its Chuggington preschool brand.

Making its retail debut next spring, Jazwares’ Chuggington range will include collectible characters, play sets and feature toys. And in a move to promote more imaginative play, the line will steer away from traditional train track systems and will instead focus on the destinations encountered in the TV series.

Chuggington is the latest addition to Jazwares’ growing licensed portfolio, which includes Minecraft, Adventure Time, Peppa Pig, Star Wars and Tube Heroes.

To date, Chuggington has been sold to broadcasters in more than 178 countries. The CGI series recently inspired the creation of Chuggington’s Little Trainees, a new series of shorts designed to help preschoolers develop social skills through the telling of concise moral stories.

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