Thunderbirds Are Go makes mobile push

With the series airing in more than 40 countries, the app will look to continue the rebooted property's strong momentum.
April 29, 2016

London-based ITV Studios Global Entertainment and New Zealand’s Pukeko Pictures have teamed up with UK developer Beyond The Story to launch the Thunderbirds Are Go: Adventures iOS app.

Now available in the UK, the US, Australia and New Zealand, the app recreates a futuristic console within the space-based Thunderbird 5. Users can explore new dimensions of the Thunderbirds Are Go story, read about each mission, explore the craft and characters in 3D, and undertake daring tasks for International Rescue.

It’s designed to continue the momentum of the CGI/live-action rebooted TV series—produced by ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures, in collaboration with New Zealand’s Weta Workshop—which airs in 40-plus countries and has more than 75 licensees worldwide.

The series has enjoyed strong international ratings since it launched last year—50 years after Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s classic Thunderbirds series debuted. In the UK, Thunderbirds Are Go premiered on ITV and CITV in April 2015 to an audience of close to three million. And on New Zealand’s TV2, Thunderbirds Are Go was the most-watched children’s show last year.

The series just made its US debut on Amazon Prime Instant Video, and it will be available on the streaming service later this year in the UK, Germany and Austria.

Canada’s DHX Media also began airing the series for kids ages five to 11 on its Family CHRGD and Family Channels this month.









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