Ankama Animations expands digital presence

The indie French studio will distribute two of its most popular series, Dofus: Kerub's Bazaar and Wakfu (pictured), across new transactional and subscription on-demand services.
February 25, 2016

French animation studio Ankama Animations is bringing two of its most popular series, Dofus: Kerub’s Bazaar and Wakfu (pictured), to several French subscription and on-demand platforms.

Dofus will become available on the transactional VOD services TF1 VOD and OCS Go (owned by French telco Orange), as well as on SVOD Canal Play. It is already available on GooglePlay and iTunes.

The series consists of 52 x 13-minute episodes targeted at children ages six to 10 years, and combines action, adventure and comedy. It was commissioned by France Televisions and has also been broadcast on France 3.

Wakfu, which is already available on Netflix, GooglePlay and iTunes, has also expanded to OCS Go and CanalPlay. The series consists of 52 x 26-minute episodes and features some of the same characters as those in Dofus.

Ankama was founded in 2001 and specializes in creating transmedia series with universes expanding into multiple platforms, such as role-playing games, puzzles and collaborative online games (such as Dofus Arena).

The recent expansion to VOD comes shortly after the premiere of Ankama’s first feature length film, Dofus Book 1: Julith. The movie is still showing in French movie theaters.

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