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Temple Street has new parentco & toon studio in Boat Rocker Media

Following a significant capital investment, Temple Street Productions has formed a new parent company called Boat Rocker Media that will oversee several new lines of business, including Boat Rocker Animation.
February 2, 2016

Toronto, Canada-based Temple Street Productions has formed a new parent company called Boat Rocker Media that will oversee several new lines of business, including the new Boat Rocker Animation unit.

The formation of Boat Rocker Media follows a significant capital investment from Toronto’s Fairfax Financial, which in turn is positioning the company for expanded production and distribution operations, as well as strategic acquisitions.

With its headquarters in Toronto, as well as offices in New York and L.A., Boat Rocker Media will create, produce and distribute content and brands across all platforms. Temple Street co-founders David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg will serve as co-executive chairmen of Boat Rocker Media, while John Young will act as the media company’s CEO.

Consolidated under the Boat Rocker umbrella is Boat Rocker Studios, under which Temple Street and other original content-creation brands and divisions will live. Temple Street’s kids & family programming division will now operate within Boat Rocker Studios, and it will continue as the brand responsible for producing such series as the Family Channel teen hit The Next Step (pictured).  Also under the Boat Rocker Studios umbrella is Boat Rocker Digital, a division designed to specialize in creating and building original digital-first global media properties, including apps, console and mobile games, software and interactive, virtual reality and video content.

Additional company units include Boat Rocker Rights (which manages the company’s distribution, sales and acquisition of multiplatform content around the world, including the recently acquired Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate, the studio’s first third-party pick-up), Boat Rocker Ventures, Boat Rocker Brands and Boat Rocker Animation. The latter will be housed in a newly created 5,000-square-foot space at Boat Rocker’s headquarters in Toronto, and it will be a full-service animation studio that partners with creators, producers and broadcasters in the production of original 2D- and 3D-animated content across all genres and for all platforms.

Fresh out of the gate, the new animation studio will start servicing multiple projects, including Dot from Toronto-based prodco Industrial Brothers, in which Temple Street took a significant minority interest late last year. The deal, the terms of which were not disclosed, allowed Temple Street Distribution to handle sales for Industrial Brothers’ content, merchandising and licensing.

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