KIDOZ raises US$3.5 million, boosts marketing manpower

Content discovery platform KIDOZ is poised for growth in the US and China after receiving US$3.5 million in additional funding. The company has also tapped Aviram Grinberg as head of marketing.
December 4, 2015

With issues surrounding privacy and advertising to kids having particular prominence in the headlines this week, Israel-based kids content discovery platform KIDOZ is poised for further expansion in the US and China after receiving US$3.5 million in additional funding. The company has also expanded its team with the addition of Aviram Grinberg as head of marketing.

KIDOZ , which as a built-in browser that’s been pre-installed on various devices by more than 40 CE manufacturers, offers kids a COPPA-compliant protected environment for discovering new content on the internet that’s free of in-app purchases. Its parentco has spent the last three years developing the proprietary technology. The software automatically filters apps on a device and only displays the apps and content that are recognized as safe, relevant and age-appropriate for kids, and the company’s smart content engine matches the best apps, videos, websites and online games from its library to profiles of each individual child.

The new round of funding from Millhouse Capital, which is owned by Roman Abramovich and CIG Capital, coincides with KIDOZ opening its content discovery platform to third-party brands and developers for the first time. In this new KIDOZ Network, content creators will be able to embed the KIDOZ tech inside their apps as a content-recommendation tool that will serve to generate revenue without ads or in-app purchases.

Until now, the proprietary tech was only available on the KIDOZ Mode, which has been used by electronics manufactures including Acer, Polaroid and Deutsche Telekom.

With new funding in place, the company is set to open offices in both New York and in China in 2016 as it looks towards further global expansion. New head of marketing Grinberg, who joins KIDOZ after serving as head of creative for K Logic Future Marketing, will be responsible for all aspects of the global branding of the company, including developing and executing strategy, tactics and programs that will drive interest in the proprietary KIDOZ tech.

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