Winx Club stars in new eBook series

Building on its mobile strategy, Rainbow's popular Winx Club brand is featured in a new interactive eBook series that's launched in the iBook Store and Google Play.
November 23, 2015

Building on its mobile strategy, Rainbow’s popular Winx Club brand has inspired a new interactive eBook series that’s launched in the iBook Store and Google Play and published by Italian digital developer PubCoder.

The first eBook to come out of the new Read&Play series, formatted in EPUB3, is The Enchanted Concert, which can be downloaded for free on smartphones and tablets from the Winx Club website. Subsequent eBooks – and there will be 10 in total – will be available for €2,99 (US$3.17) apiece.

Aimed at young kids, the interactive books are available in English and Italian and feature puzzles, coloring and drawing, karaoke singing and customized  Winx Club wardrobes and hairstyles.

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