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Kids’ CBC readies Scout and the Gumboot Kids

Canadian pubcaster Kids' CBC is set to bow urban-themed interstitial series Scout and the Gumboots Kids, the first kids series from Vancouver-based Two Story Productions. Series co-creator Tara Hungerford talks strategy behind the property.
October 19, 2015

Canadian pubcaster Kids’ CBC is set to bow the interstitial series Scout and the Gumboots Kids, the first kids series from Vancouver-based Two Story Productions, which is intended to target international urban audiences. 

The first season of the series includes 10, four-minute episodes and features a puppet mouse named Scout that leads viewers (and a cast of kids) through a series of clues, which eventually takes them outdoors.

Tara Hungerford and Eric Hogan, the wife-and-husband team behind Two Story Productions, wanted to expand the depth of their prodco’s catalog, and they felt there was a need for content tailored to urban families that wanted to find ways to get outside more often.

“It was inspired by living in a condo in an urban setting, and trying to think what we needed as parents, and how we could create something that re-taught  us basics,” Hungerford says. Prior to producing Scout and the Gumboot Kids, Two Story focused primarily on documentaries and some commercial and music video work.

The series is also meant to tap into a larger global issue of nature deficit disorder, which looks at the negative consequences of spending too much time indoors. Keeping potential future sales in mind, the series was shot in such a way that it could be easily dubbed for other markets, Hungerford says.

“This series, while it’s done in English, can be overdubbed in different languages, which is essential for children. Our main character is a stop-motion puppet, and then the children never actually speak on camera,” Hungerford says.

There is already some interest in the project in the US market, following the series’ endorsement by the David Suzuki Foundation and the UCLA Global Media Center for Social Impact.

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